by Richard Russell, October 2015

The article Improving the print quality describes one way of improving the quality of hardcopy output from LBB. An alternative approach is to use a large (normally) invisible window, of a sufficient size to achieve the desired quality, and then to send it to the printer using the GUI print command. Here's an example, using a large invisible window to give 600-dpi equivalent quality (LBB only; it doesn't work properly in LB):

    PaperWidth = 7.0   ' Printable width in inches
    PaperHeight = 10.0 ' Printable height in inches
    DotsPerInch = 600  ' Equivalent DPI quality
    WindowWidth = PaperWidth * DotsPerInch
    WindowHeight = PaperHeight * DotsPerInch
    stylebits #preview, 0, _WS_VISIBLE, 0, 0
    open "Printer Preview" for graphics_nf_nsb as #preview
    title$ = "My centered page title"
    #preview "font Arial 0 200 underscore"
    #preview "stringwidth? title$ stringwidth"
    #preview "place ";(WindowWidth-stringwidth)/2;" ";500
    #preview "color blue"
    #preview "\"; title$
    #preview "color red; size 20"
    #preview "place ";WindowWidth/2;" ";WindowHeight/2
    #preview "down; circle ";WindowWidth/4
    #preview "print ";WindowWidth
    close #preview